Choosing the Best Artificial Grass Type for Terraces- What all qualities to consider?

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Artificial or fake grasses are a quite in trend these days. You can find them in several residential spaces for their all-green look throughout the year. You may also have read about the wide-ranging benefits of artificial grasses harnessing the internet. However, all the artificial grasses are not suitable for all sorts of applications.

For example, fake grasses for terraces and different from fake grasses used in the Balcony. In such cases, choosing the most suitable artificial grass type for your terraces is obligatory. If you are browsing for what is the Best Artificial Grass Type for Terraces? You are at the right place.

This editorial will completely focus on presenting you with the right type of artificial grass for your terraces. So, read the complete guide to identifying the difference in fake grass types based on their applications.

Why does your terrace need artificial grass?

The major reason why several consumers prefer buying fake grasses for their lawn, terrace, and Balcony is its low maintenance. You can almost say it doesn’t need any maintenance. Traditional grass growing demands the hiring of gardeners and the use of several medicines to keep those grasses healthy and green throughout the year.

However, in contrast, the fake grasses are all-time green. They can withstand any climatic condition and just needs one-time installation on your terrace. Fake grasses on your terrace also offer you a calming effect that aids you to relax in your terrace. But while buying your artificial grass for your terrace, you can develop several questions. It may be about the size, pile density, and height of the grass. If you have such queries in your mind, too, get all your doubts cleared below.

What should be the best pile height for artificial grasses on the terrace?

When you choose fake grasses for your terrace, you will come across different pile heights. You can witness the pile height of all the fake grasses directly at the stores. However, the artificial grasses are designed such that you won’t be able to figure out the depth when you are viewing from a distance. You have to look closer to evaluate the suitable pile height. Generally, a pile height of 25 mm to 35 mm is best for your terrace.

What is the most suitable pile density for your terrace fake grasses?

The pile density matters when choosing your fake grasses. The denser the grass is, the better it looks on your terrace. Again, you would not be able to verify the density of the grass from a distance; you have to inquire about its stitches per square meter. The Best Artificial Grass will always have 18,000 stitches in every square meter.

What is the best material for your artificial terrace grass?

While buying the fake grasses for your terrace, you will come across two types of materials in the fake grasses. It includes the hard-wearing fibres and the soft-wearing fibres. Hard-wearing fibre, no doubt, is best for endurance and resilience. But if you are likely to walk barefoot on the terrace garden and enjoy sitting on the grass, you need to find the soft ones. If your question is, what is the Best Artificial Grass Type for Terraces? Then you must find a perfect balance between hard and soft wearing material.


In conclusion, these are a few considerations to ensure while buying artificial grasses for your terrace. Now that you know the right tips, you can make an informed decision.

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