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We supply garden pebbles that can be used for garden beauty enhancement. The brilliant assortment of pebbles gives a fabulous appearance to the lively greens and gritty browns of plants with its splendid tone. Garden Pebbles Melbourne can likewise be utilized in a more useful manner, such as mulch to help hold soil dampness with the additional advantage of not separating over the long haul like most natural fertilizers.

We mainly supply three types of Pebbles:
White Pebbles: Polished & Tumble
Black Pebbles: Polished
Glow Pebbles: Sky Blue, Green & Dark Blue

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White Pebbles

White Pebbles have the complexion similar to the shade of refined white sugar. These pure white rocks are marbling stone and have superb renown that will astonish all with their inalienable luminance. We have two sizes mainly; 40mm & 60mm of two types of stones; Polished & Tumble. The smooth bit of our cleaned brightening stones garden will surprise anybody looking for the ideal garden shakes or garden rocks. Ideal for walkways, decks, and different zones, white tone can supplement a wide scope of home, resists breaking and staining, offering excellence.

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Garden Pebbles Supplier Melbourne

White Polished

White Tumble

White Tumble

Black Polished

Black Polished

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Transform Your Garden with our Variety Pebble Perfection

How To Use Garden Pebbles

They are the most economical methods of decorating gardens. Pebbles have numerous use in cultivating. They are amazing when put close to the pool or on the pathway or in the pots. They reestablish water in the soil that get evaporated because of daylight. They resist soil disintegration and protect the underlying foundations of the plant. They help the landscaper in mulching, making an enlivening boundary, finishing, giving an even, dry garden bed, and so on.
If you have a tree in your yard or garden, you can utilize rocks to make the base appear more engaging. Utilize the stones to encompass the tree with blocks or huge pebbles, and afterward occupy the space up to the tree trunk with pebbles.
You can utilize pebbles to make an outside living space by making a ground cover utilizing rocks which are matched with seats, tables, and lounges. This can be a decent method to accomplish color requirements of the space..
Make an eye-catching, enchanted scene by forming shapes in the territory of your lawn with pebbles. You can make a zigzag impact, a small labyrinth, or large circles on the grass by utilizing pebbles to characterize or fill them. You can make beautiful designs by utilizing pebbles of various shapes, sizes, and colors.
An English country garden, or cottage garden, is a technique of gardening intended to inspire the sentiment and the presence of the customary gardens of England. These gardens are mostly little and minimized, loaded up with blossoming plants, spices, and vegetables. English gardens are perfect for little, basic homes and, with the consolidation of nursery ways, they can even be utilized to supplant a yard. Winding pathways are main element of English nation garden and they cannot be difficult to consolidate into your arrangement at home. Prior to planting your beds, choose where you need your ways to run – you may even need to layout them utilizing hued chalk dust or by spreading out a length of rope. The material you use for your ways involves smooth stones, or pebbles which will give your bungalow garden a characteristic feel. Don’t hardscape your ways – the plants in your garden ought to develop a genuine English garden appearance.
The Japanese dry-scene garden, also called a Zen garden, is a conventional garden plan that started hundreds of years prior in Japan, however, it has stayed a mainstream plan around the planet on account of its perfect lines, which fit well with contemporary engineering. The point of Zen gardens is to give space to reflection and thought, and the characteristic components customarily utilized in Zen garden which provides tranquil force of nature.
Brightening Pebbles are the ideal final detail for pot plants. You can utilize them to cover soil of pot plants to add surface and shading. As a little something extra, they additionally prevent curious family pets from uncovering soil. Utilizing pebbles has become a one-of-a-kind pattern and individuals love finishing up their homes with them. You can without much of a stretch detect these in gardens and indoor territories, where they are utilized widely attributable to their normal yet refined appearance. Regardless of whether it is a home or office, it gives engaging appearance and flexibility of rocks that make them ideal for praising every single stylistic layout style.
We as a whole became accustomed to kitchen backsplashes of different kinds of tiles however what might you say to a more unique thought? Pebbles and stones can be utilized rather than tiles and they will give your backsplash an interesting look. You may utilize some waterway rocks, different stones, and even glass stones in different tones. The fundamental thought is to pick level rocks and in the event that you are utilizing common stones, seal them prior to grouting. Smooth your pebbles with a view to make them look more pretty. Pick the kind of stones or shades you like and read the instructional exercises underneath to discover how to make a backsplash of them.

Numerous homemakers need an innovative or creative-looking backsplash, and stones compatible with any style. Huge, sporadic stones look fascinating in a natural home, and little, dark marble stones balance delightfully with a smooth, present-day kitchen. After the wall is prepared, you can utilize almost any stone and format that you like. After the backsplash is finished, you can complete the edges with wood trim embellishment or little, bar-style tiles.

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Darryn Jockers
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I have been buying my grass from here for years for different applications in our small town. Great, friendly service, excellent product, good pricing- and it still looks like new even after the test of seasons in the hot Mallee sun.
James NG
James NG
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Great product range and friendly staff, reasonable price, on time delivery, highly recommended
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Emily Slack
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Fantastic service. They were really friendly and helpful. Great prices and delivery was that day. Highly recommend.
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Ana Vee
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So impressed with Auzzie turf. The grass is amazing quality and at a good price. Very easy to deal with and delivery was quick and prompt. Thanks so much, we're so happy with everything!
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The best quality artificial turf I found in Melbourne. Good price, High density with nice colour. I highly recommend 'Auzzie Turf'
Isabella Gentilin
Isabella Gentilin
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Great quality grass. Thank you

Role Of Garden Pebbles In Landscaping

In landscaping, garden pebbles play a pivotal role in elevating the aesthetic appeal and functionality of outdoor spaces. Auzzie Turf, a renowned provider, offers a diverse range of garden pebbles that serve as versatile elements in landscape design. These pebbles find extensive use in creating visually striking pathways, defining intricate patterns, and adding a touch of sophistication to garden landscapes. Beyond aesthetics, garden pebbles contribute to water management by facilitating efficient drainage and preventing soil erosion.

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Black Pebbles

Black Polished Garden Pebbles are utilized as an ornamental touch in gardens, basically to fill the holes around venturing stones. Dark Polished Garden Pebbles can likewise be utilized to make ways and carports outstanding which can add value to a home. They’re an extraordinary item to utilize while laying out your pool to give your patio a retreat-like feel.
Black Pebbles
Glow Pebbles

Accessorize your garden and landscaping with Garden Pebbles

Unleash your inner garden designer with the power of pebbles! These versatile stones add texture, colour, and functionality to your outdoor space.  Line pathways with smooth pebbles for a clean, modern look, or create dramatic borders around flower beds for a pop of contrast.  

For a touch of Zen, use pebbles to create dry riverbeds or accentuate the beauty of a water feature.  Don’t forget functionality!  Pebbles act as natural mulch, suppressing weeds and retaining moisture around plants.  Fill decorative pots with colourful pebbles for a splash of personality, or use them to create unique walkways and patios.  From classic elegance to playful whimsy, garden pebbles offer endless possibilities to transform your outdoor haven.

Garden Pebbles Supplier Melbourne FAQs

The use of stones in a garden carries various tones and surfaces to the nursery. Stones can occupy void space, having a visual impression that is more intriguing than earth, soil, or mulch. Pebbles can fill different needs, for example, making a beautifying line, arranged ways, and keeping weeds at bay.

How Would I Brighten My Garden With Pebbles?

WPC cladding is a composite material made from a combination of wood fibre and plastic. It is used as a building material for its durability, weather resistance, and aesthetic appeal.

Can You Deliver Anywhere In Melbourne?

Yes! We deliver anywhere in Melbourne with minimum delivery time at nominal delivery charges.

How Much Area Dose 15kg Bag Of Pebbles Cover?

Area coverage depends on pebble size, shape, and desired depth, so an exact answer isn’t possible. However, you can connect with us to make an informed decision.

How Many Types Of Pebbles You Have?

We have 3 types of pebbles: white, black, Glow in white we have 2 types white: polished and white tumbled In black: black polished In glow: Green, Sky Blue, Dark Blue

How Many Pebbles I Can Use In Per Square Meter?

A general dependable guideline to work out the measure of stone you will require is to permit 70-80Kg per square meter. We can calculate the number of pebbles you need based on your garden territory.

What Is Pebble?

A pebble is a little, smooth, round stone that is found on seashores and at the lower part of rivers. Decorative pebbles is an aggregate term regularly used to depict grouped styles and sizes of stone that can be utilized for beautifying influence in your garden or outside region. They can be utilized to tidy up lines and flowerbeds around the garden or scene territories as a choice to grass or clearing arrangements.
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