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We are a provider of top-quality silica sand infill. Our sands are uniquely planned and mixed to advance prevalent athletic accomplishment on artificial turf applications. As a full truck-load silica sand maker, merchant, and agent – purchasing and providing infill sand materials around the world, we have professional alliances with numerous quality silica sand makers.

Why you need silica sand for introducing fake grass

Silica sand Vs Normal Sand or Soil

Normal sand or construction sand, will consistently contain some silica, yet just in sums under 95%. For instance, normal earthy-colored sand utilized for solid applications can contain up to 80% SiO2, alongside differing measures of iron, carbonate, potassium, and other minor components/minerals.

These ‘contaminations’ make normal sand all the more chemically responsive and also hazier in shading when contrasted with silica sand. The tone for non-silica sands (normal sands) can be different shades of white, pink, green, and dark too – relying upon the topographical cosmetics and geographic area of the sand store.


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Frequently Asked Question

Exposure of human to silica residue can cause cancer or silicosis. Try not to inhale the dust. Silica sand in artificial grass contains dust particles that, whenever breathed in throughout a longer period of time, can give rise to unfavourable medical conditions.
This material is utilized commercially in a few applications, including artificial grass infill. Silica sand helps to keep the sharp edges of fake grass remaining in an upstanding situation as other infill types do.

We suggest applying roughly 4kg of sand per square meter of artificial grass.

One of the sand’s capacities is to burden the grass. The sand provides stability and secures the turf. Subsequently, no wrinkles or overlap will create through use. The sand also encompasses the long cutting edges of artificial grass and guarantees that they stay erect.
Yes, We can deliver your ordered silica sand anywhere in Melbourne.

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