What Homeowners Wish They Knew About Installing Artificial Grass

What Homeowners Wish They Knew About Installing Artificial Grass

For years, the advantages of artificial grass have been thoroughly researched and publicised. However, when it comes to installing fake grass, you need be fully informed. There are a few things that previous homeowners who made the transition wish they had understood about the installation process. These pointers will assist you in avoiding any confusion or complications that may arise during the installation of your artificial grass in Melbourne.

Preparation Work Is Involved in installing artificial grass

The old grass must be removed before we can install your new artificial grass. The ground must then be adequately prepared. While this may appear to be a simple task, removing old sod is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Depending on the amount of grass to be removed, the size of their crew, and how they handle the removal operation, most professional landscaping companies that work with artificial turf can complete the project in two or three days.

After the old grass has been removed, the earth must be turned and smoothed to remove any dips or humps. The project’s next phase can then commence. Hello there, artificial grass!


It is not difficult to install artificial grass in Melbourne, but it does not happen overnight. For example, installing 1,500 square feet of synthetic grass can take 2 to 4 days. The number of people working on the project, their degree of experience, and the weather all have an impact on how long it takes to complete the installation.

Exact measurements must be taken, and grass must be meticulously clipped to fit with no ragged edges. Installation should ideally take place while temperatures are above 50o F. This may minimise early-morning work in cooler seasons, which may lengthen overall installation time. If all goes as planned, your new lawn might be installed in a matter of days.

Cleaning Up

The last thing you want is an installation contractor who leaves a mess. That will not happen with our Heavenly Greens skilled installation. When your project is finished, we will remove and properly dispose of any leftover turf. And we’ll leave your garden looking as inviting as it did before we arrived.

But there is one thing to keep in mind. The most difficult aspect of our job is removing existing sod. If the weather is extremely dry, this operation will undoubtedly generate dust. We do everything possible to mitigate this, however if the weather is dry during your installation, you may wish to keep your windows closed.

Total Cost

Artificial grass installation is an investment. When you first look at the pricing, it may appear to be exorbitant. However, as with any large investment, you must consider the long term. You’ll have minimal maintenance charges, and the original cost of fake grass may be amortised over the many years you’ll enjoy having it installed. This converts your large investment into a superior investment with an undeniable financial and functional return.

Your landscaping is transformed into something stunning. You will have less garden work. Your property’s value rises as a result of the better curb appeal and lack of future maintenance. According to studies, homes with artificial grass not only command greater prices, but they also sell faster than homes with labor-intensive genuine grass lawns. So why not? What prospective home buyer wouldn’t be pleased about a more appealing garden that requires less maintenance?

Meanwhile, knowing what it takes to install your new fake grass helps ensure that everything goes as planned. By the way, nice grass!