5 Questions You Should Ask When Installing Artificial Turf in Melbourne

5 Questions You Should Ask When Installing Artificial Turf Melbourne

Installing synthetic grass is the best way to heighten the aspect of your home. But it is essential to ask some questions before laying them out in the yard. When you decide to install the Artificial Turf Melbourne, be sure to choose a reputable dealer. They should offer high-quality turf at a reasonable cost. It is always best to have as much knowledge about the process as possible. It helps you to understand everything that occurs in the garden. Nowadays most people prefer fake grass for their residential and business areas. It is worth investment and endures for more years. Here are 5 questions you need to ask the professionals to make sure that they can give you the best.

1. What Are The Types Of Synthetic Turf Available? 

There are different varieties of artificial turf available in the market. It is essential to know what is perfect for the garden and your exact needs. You can ask about the various types of synthetic grass to the expert who goes to install them in your yard. Based on your requirements such as for kids playing, or pet turf, you can ask for samples from the company. 

2. What Is The Maximum Life Expectancy Of The Artificial Grass?

The life expectancy of synthetic grass will depend on its maintenance and use. Though you don’t need to trim, fertilize, or pull out the weeds, there are still some things you have to do to care for the turf. Most of the house owners will rinse the yard once a week which removes the debris, stain, twigs, and others. Usually, the Fake Turf Melbourne will last for 20-25 years without having to be replaced. 

3. How Much Does The Artificial Turf Melbourne Cost? 

Usually, the synthetic turf will come with a big upfront cost in the range of $5 to $20 per square foot. But it is worth your investment, and saves you from the expense of the water bill, buying the gardening equipment, and more. Once you have installed it, then this will be free for 20 to 25 years without being replaced. You need to spend a little amount of water once a week to prevent odor, pet waste, and stain. 

4. Do The Installer Provide Any Assurance? 

Once you install the synthetic turf in your garden, its color won’t fade for 10-15 years. But to ensure it, discuss with the installer to clarify your doubts. You can ask them about their warranty and guarantee policies. Also, ask about the terms present in the agreement. 

5. Are The Installers Certified And Professionals?

It is one of the major things to know that the installers are certified and expert in the work. Legally the contractors should have their license, and you have to ask it to the installers. It will make sure that they will complete the work in a professional way

Final Thoughts

Also never hesitate to voice your concerns and ask questions about the fake grass installation process. At Auzzie turf, you can get the high-quality Artificial Turf Melbourne installation work. We have certified experts and provide you with the best synthetic turf that endures for more years.

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