Accessories you need to Install Artificial Grass in Your Lawn

Accessories you need to Install Artificial Grass in Your Lawn

Anyone who buys artificial grass for their property understands that it is an investment and requires the right equipment to care for it. It’s a low-maintenance solution that doesn’t require weekly cutting and watering like real grass, but it’s important to make sure your synthetic turf comes with the extras that make it look and feel its best.

Here is a list of artificial grass Melbourne accessories any owner should have in their arsenal, such as adhesive, twining tape, and more. Some are important to ensure easy installation, while others will come in handy weeks, months, and years after laying it.

Joint tape

When artificial grass Melbourne is installed in the garden (or wherever it is being installed), it is necessary to add tape (sometimes called joining tape) for installation. Composite tape is placed under the turf where the seams of the two rolls meet. This is to ensure that the artificial grass rolls flow together nicely and do not spoil the aesthetics of the lawn. Without the tape attached, there is a risk of the seams becoming visible, eliminating the natural look that high-quality synthetic grass also provides.

While installation expert will use joining tape as standard as part of the service, it can be an important accessory that is easily missed by a DIY fitter. Annoying Librans – Always rational, easily emotionally hurt, very emotional and maybe a little too intense. As well as aesthetically speaking, inconsistent seams that are not joined together pose a safety risk, including the potential for trips and falls. The installation professional will always ensure that every artificial lawn we fit is installed in high quality prior to the completion of the project.

Composite adhesive

With adhesive tape, the adhesive is just as important. Adhesives are used with Synthetic Grass Seamless Tape to create a smooth seam that will last for years to come. Using inappropriate, low-quality adhesives can jeopardize the overall quality of your new artificial lawn, which can lead to seams and tape removal.

When it is used, the person responsible for installation must ensure that the two rolls of synthetic grass flow in the same direction before being fitted into place. Once the adhesive has dried, it can be a problem to remove the fake grass from the tape and reapply it without damaging the material. Accuracy is important where the artificial lawn is concerned if you want to achieve the best possible finish.

Geotextile weed membrane

An additional item to include in your installation is a geotextile weed membrane that will help prevent annoying weeds from growing on your artificial surface. While the presence of a sub-base and artificial lawn certainly won’t do any favours for potential weeds growing underneath, it’s not the ultimate solution to nuisance growth. That’s why weed beds are highly recommended by professionals for those who want to make sure their low-maintenance lawn stays the same way and doesn’t cost you hours and money spraying weed killers to keep your garden looking its best. No need to spend.

The grass membrane sits beneath the surface of the artificial grass Melbourne that is placed on the ground, acting as a barrier against unwanted growth. In addition to protecting weeds from artificial weeds, the membrane also retains excellent drainage properties, allowing it to effectively deflect heavy rain during wet and cold months, reducing the risk of standing water on your lawn.

Shock pad

Underlay is useful for environments where artificial grass Melbourne is applied where children are more likely to play on the surface, such as gardens and playgrounds with children at home. This provides an extra level of protection against falls and falls, which, as any parent or guardian knows well, is often unavoidable. Without shock pads installed under artificial turf, which provide a real soft feel of walking on a real turf or lawn, the potential for injury increases.

Final thoughts

Grass rugs are a popular choice for children, schools, and homes with sports facilities with artificial pitch to reduce the risk of serious injury.

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