What Makes Artificial Turf A Great Choice For Nursery Gardens?

What Makes Artificial Turf A Great Choice For Nursery Gardens?

If you run a children’s nursery, you will know the importance of providing a safe surface on which the children in your care can play. You will also be familiar with all the rules and regulations surrounding nursery gardens, so you may be looking for something that ticks all the boxes in terms of safety as well as entertainment. Something that every way fits the bill for a nursery garden is artificial turf Geelong.

It is important to ensure that your nursery garden follows the rules of health and safety, but it is equally important to ensure that children can enjoy and learn in a safe environment. This is what an artificial lawn will give you.

Protect the surface

Children like rough and messy places while playing. Of course, you would naturally be concerned about how this would lead to injury and difficulties. That’s why you’re looking for surfaces to play on safely. A natural lawn is an option, but you will find that it will be uneven, as well as muddy after rain, which can be dangerous to trip over and slip over.

The artificial turf Geelong, on the other hand, will be laid out over even terrain, making trips and falls less likely. This shock pad will also fit over the top of the underlay, making it soft and springy. Such a padded surface will help reduce the impact of a fall.

Say ‘No’ to Dirt

The last thing parents want is for their kids to come home from the nursery with dirty clothes stained with soil or grass. But they don’t want their kids to miss out on important games.

Fake lawns will provide a clean surface on which children can play. Mud-free, stain-free, and generally dirt-free, artificial grass provides the softness of the grass, without the hassle. Plus, for adults taking care of the kids, dirty shoes won’t do! As long as you regularly brush and rinse the artificial turf Geelong in your nursery garden, and remove any debris such as fallen leaves, it will remain dirt-free all year round

Allergy free floor

The experts say a fifth of the Australian population suffers from hay fever, which can start in childhood. Natural grass is one of the biggest allergens, so finding an alternative for children to play with will always help in the fight against allergies. After all, you don’t want the kids in your care to sneeze frequently or suffer from runny or stuffy nose, watery eyes, and cough while having fun.

The artificial turf Geelong is the answer to allergy symptoms caused by natural grass. With no pollen to worry about, kids can play with their heart rate, without a runny nose.

Long lasting surface

Good quality fake grass that has been installed properly and planted with an underlay will pass a high footfall test over time. If you follow a few simple maintenance guidelines, your nursery garden artificial lawn will stand up to constant play, and it should last more than two decades.

Artificial grass is also a perfect hoop for sports equipment. Compared to natural grass that can be compressed over time, this faux grass with elastic fibres will withstand the weight of heavy structures such as climbing frames.

Give it a colour

Of course, kids love colours. Any nursery garden that includes vibrant colours will include kids. Natural grass tends to lose its mobility over time, especially in colder or wetter months where it turns yellow or muddy brown. However, artificial grass will look bright and attractive all year round.

Decorate your nursery garden with artificial grass

If you are interested in improving the appearance, security and attractiveness of your nursery garden, artificial turf Geelong may prove to be the right move. You will find range of Artificial Grass is of premium grade quality and also comes by rolls so as to be supplied to you at unbeatable prices. samples? Be sure to check out installation guidelines to help you fit fake grass on any type of surface.

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