DIY Garden Pathways: Creating Beautiful Walkways With Pebble

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Garden pathways are always beautiful. Having a proper garden pathway will enhance the overall look of your home. If you want to add beauty, classic and an elegant look to outdoor spaces, you can go for DIY garden pathways with pebbles. Among many varieties of unique stones, these pebbles are excellent choices for Garden pebbles Melbourne pathways. As they are available in different sizes and colours, you can choose based on your needs and requirements. By choosing the right pebble according to your home outlook, you can expect an elegant look to your home. Here are the different types of DIY ideas to create blissful garden pathways with pebbles.

Wooden Garden Pathway  

If the pathway from the door to the outdoor unit is narrow space, you can create a wooden garden pathway in between them. This is because, instead of going for normal stone or rocks, these wooden pathways in the narrow space create a natural look. You can decorate the sides with pebbles that go well with the wooden colours. Additionally, you can consider growing plants that bring a pleasant smell. Whenever you are creating a wooden garden pathway, you need to make sure that the wood will not be affected by climatic changes.

Stone Garden Pathway

Similar to wooden garden pathways, you can create a stone garden pathway that is filled with pebbles. These stone garden pathways are suitable for the open larger outdoor spaces. You can fix those stones in any pattern or arrange them randomly as you wish. These randomly filled outdoor spaces provide a modern look to the home whereas the pattern formation follows the classic trends. In addition to this, you can consider installing the same pattern stones or different stone shapes for your outdoor spaces. These uniform stone shapes have regular patterns rather the uneven stones are perfect for large lawn areas. You can spread over the pebbles on both sides of stone garden pathways.

PEA Gravel Garden Pathway

People, who want to avoid the formal pattern, can go for these PEA gravel garden pathways. As the name indicates, these PEA gravel garden pathways offer a wild and free look to your home. By using the PEA gravel along with pebbles, you can able to create lake or pond vibes in the building. Whenever you are using PEA gravel garden pathways, you should be aware that these types of stones have pine needles and they would be quickly overrun with time. You can also place any particular type of stone especially rectangular on above these PEA gravel for comfortable walking.

Brick Garden Pathways

One of the garden pathways that go well with pebbles is none other than brick garden pathways. As the name indicates, brick was placed in the garden area to create an aesthetic look for your home. All you need to do is place the bricks on the path areas and use sand for the grouting. The only things that need to be considered while installing Brick garden pathways is it needs more hard work. This is because; you need to arrange the bricks evenly along with the pebbles.

Paver Garden Pathway

Houses that have slopes from the main house to the outdoor lawn area can have paver garden pathways. All you need to do is spread the pebbles on both sides of the paver and enter the brick basement. Whenever you are creating paver garden pathways for your home, you should create a layer to separate the land and the paver with pebbles. By now, you know about the different types of DIY ideas by Auzzie Turf to enhance the overall look of your home with pebbles on the garden pathways.

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