How to Maintain an Artificial Grass Green Forever

How to Maintain an Artificial Turf Green Forever | Auzzie Turf

Isn’t it great that you can use your Best Artificial Grass almost all year? With a little TLC, your artificial grass green will retain its professional appearance, the performance characteristics you requested when it was built, and its enticing charm. Come have some fun with me.

With an artificial turf putting green nearby, it’s easy to succumb to the temptation. You’re honing your short game with just a few steps out the door, putter and chipping wedge in hand. Spring, summer, and fall And then there’s winter. There’s no reason to skip the “off” season, fearing that your talents would deteriorate due to inactivity. Your green is constantly by your side.

What if it starts to rain?

We can only hope that it does. And even if it happens, your Synthetic Turf Melbourne putting green won’t mind. Your artificial grass will drain moisture quickly thanks to top quality grass and skillful installation from us.  Actually, it’s better than genuine grass. When the rain stops, it dries rapidly. So you may either take a break while it rains or put on a hooded jacket and continue putting. Perhaps you can get your golf-obsessed husband to carry a large umbrella for you, like you would on the course. You can alternate.

All of this is made possible by a little simple maintenance.

Your putting green serves a different purpose than your fake grass lawn, but the maintenance is nearly same. All it truly needs to keep in good shape is a little common sense:

Pick up any material that falls on it — leaves, twigs, etc.

The surface may get dusty if the weather is very dry. After rinsing it with the hose, you’re ready to go.

To keep its shape, give it a fluff with a stiff-bristle broom or power brush every now and again (especially if you have longer apron turf). In order to get a homogeneous surface, use a roller.

Inspect the putting green on a regular basis, walking around to check for small issues such as a raised edge or a sneaky plant down the side. You can pull the weed yourself. Simply give our crew a call for minor repairs. Preventive maintenance will ensure that your putting green continues to work admirably for many years to come.

This modest amount of regular upkeep takes a lot less time than going back and forth to the club or driving range to practice. And, other from a few minutes of your time, it’s completely free. You are now free to devote more time to practice. That’s exactly what I was thinking.

We make maintenance even easier.

Any artificial grass putting green might benefit from a more thorough inspection and renewal on a regular basis. After all, your green improves the rest of the green (and all those gorgeous flowers) in your environment, so it deserves some extra love again and then. We provide two types of artificial grass putting green maintenance packages:

Tune-Up for Putting Green Performance

Our staff just needs one day to complete the following tasks: Debris removal Infill inspection

Putting green surface material in service

Inspect the edging and make any necessary repairs.

Putting green surface with a roll

Sand the top coat.

Refresh the infill

Green and peripheral regions should be power brushed.

High-Quality Service

Everything described above, including moss removal, is included in this package. We can normally complete the job in a single day, however moss removal may necessitate a repeat visit on occasion.

Remove moss using a brush (must be dry)

Use a moss inhibitor treatment of salt and vinegar.

We recommend the Performance Tune-Up twice a year for maximum putting green durability and performance. So you can complete the simple tasks in a few minutes. And when your green is ready for a little more expert care, just give us a call.

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