Mistakes to avoid when installing artificial grass

3 Successful Tips For Preserving Your Artificial Grass Forever

Thinking of artificial grass installation in your Brisbane home? Then you need to be careful to get the job done without errors. Although we recommend hiring a professional installer to fit your artificial grass, we know some of you would prefer to go the DIY route. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of common mistakes people make when planting their own fake grass. Learn from the mistakes of others and be sure to avoid these common mistakes when planting artificial grass.

Laying artificial turf on uneven surfaces

It is important to evaluate the surface on which you plan for artificial grass installation Brisbane. Its surface should be even, without imperfections such as cracks in the roots of the tree or concrete. While these flaws may seem minor now, they will look much better once you have your nice smooth lawn set over them.

No drainage

Without proper drainage for an artificial grass installation Brisbane, you will end up with a pool of water where it is installed. Drainage is needed to avoid floods. The foundation should be deep and filled with cut stone so that water can pass through. A gentle slope on the lawn will also work well. You can control where runoff will go by building gutters along the lawn.

Placing artificial grass on the wrong side

Fake turf can have different shades of green on either side. You’ll need to decide which side you want the look to be, and make sure all the rolls of turf are placed on one side so that the colour covers the entire lawn.

There are no weed barriers

Weeds can still grow under the surface of artificial grass. Without having to fit weed barriers, they’ll be able to make their way through weeds and spoil the weed-free lawn without much of what you’d expect from a fake lawn.

Unprotected edge

While artificial lawns may initially look clean and smooth, unprotected edges will soon turn and people can walk on them. To prevent this from happening you should make sure that you have secured all the edges. An effective method is to nail them to the wooden frame.

Join unequally

The gap between rolls of artificial turf spoils the look of your lawn and is difficult to try later. You need to be careful when the rolls joining between them are smooth and tight.

Artificial turf throw

Your artificial grass Brisbane looks like a success upon completion. However, over time the areas can become damaged and need to be replaced with new patches. If you haven’t saved any remaining turf, it can be difficult to bring that same turf down the line.

Final thoughts

For this reason, experts recommend that you do not throw away any turf left over from your artificial grass installation Brisbane. These common mistakes will help you figure out what to avoid when fitting your artificial grass.

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