Top 5 Silica Sand Supplier in Melbourne


Silica is a mineral that can be found in a variety of places. Sand is a type of silicon dioxide (SiO2) made up of two main components: silica and oxygen. It’s also known as White sand, Quartz sand, or Industrial sand, and it’s available in several shades, the majority of which are white or colorless. Rock detritus and several minerals that make up the resource decide the color of the sand. Silica sand must meet certain specifications, including a minimum of 95% silicon dioxide and 0.6 percent iron oxide; otherwise, it is classified as regular sand.

Auzzie Turf

Why You Need Silica Sand For Introducing Fake Grass

The reason for choosing Auzzie Turf

The silica sand bunnings are specifically engineered for outdoor use in both residential and commercial settings. You might assume that all artificial grass is the same at first glance, but that is not the case, as all silica sand is different depending on its specifications. We offer premium high-end quality grass that will give your landscaping area a beautiful look for many years.

Big west

In and around Ankleshwar, Big West has silica sand mines, which are considered the country’s best source of silica sand. They have a World Class company-supplied sand washing machine. There is a focus on the industrial minerals industry’s rationale, an excellent team of people, a quality leader, and a desire to please our customers. They provide an excellent quality silica sand for molds and cores in green sand, co2 sand, no back sand, and resin-coated sand in all foundries

Green Nursery

The origins of Everything Green can be traced back to Sam and GiannaFragapane’s backyard in 1979. They started a small nursery in a garden shed, which gradually expanded to 2 hectares. This family company has thrived for 40 years, offering lush plant life, landscaping and gardening equipment, and unmatched support to the local community. All Green also has two sites with a total area of 35,000m2. That’s twice the amount of space as your average local hardware store, with twice the amount of expertise. The welcoming staff will welcome you at any of our locations and will be happy to assist you with your next project.

Rockbank nursery

Water filtration is one of the most popular applications for silica sand, whether it’s for well water or tap water. Silica sand is an efficient filtration bed that reliably extracts pollutants from water due to its uniform shape and scale. They excel at supplying the highest quality silica sand at a reasonable price. They guarantee the highest level of premium quality. It has a 22-year reputation for excellence. From the highway, it’s easy to get there. They are in charge of the delivery. Home delivery is available after completing an online registration form on their websites.

Werribee sand and soil

They have a 30-year reputation for providing the best service in the construction, landscaping, and garden supply industries in Victoria. They provide effective, dependable service from a friendly, skilled, and knowledgeable team seven days a week to our customers. They focus on providing high-quality construction, landscaping, and premix concrete materials. They ensure that your product is treated appropriately from order to delivery and that it is delivered promptly and courteously.

Wrapping Up!

Silica sand is highly prized for many reasons. Auzzie Turf’s experience and technological skills have been regularly updated to include the widest variety of high-quality silica sand bunnings Melbourne. For all of the above, you can have the highest quality services. This article will help you choose and locate the best silica sand supplier. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions

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