4 Reasons Why Artificial Turf Performs Exceptionally in Rainy Weather

4 Reasons Why Artificial Turf Performs Exceptionally in Rainy Weather

Rainy weather has a love-hate relationship with us. On the one hand, we really need the rain! Artificial Grass Suppliers Geelong are keenly aware of the challenges created by a lack of water after years of severe drought. We’ve conditioned ourselves to preserve wherever we can. Homeowners who are wise and concerned have stepped up, with many replacing their water-guzzling natural grass lawns with artificial turf.

But what happens if it rains? As much as we like seeing rain fall from the sky, it generally causes issues, such as runoff that transports muck and dangerous substances into water systems. Will the rainy weather cause issues with your new synthetic grass as well?

Artificial Grass Suppliers Geelong delighted to inform that the response is a resounding nay! Regardless of the weather, artificial grass stays loyal to itself – and your expectations. That’s a lot more than you can say about your previous natural grass. Why does artificial turf perform so well in wet weather?

1. It does not disintegrate

We don’t usually think of natural grass as “falling apart,” yet the blades can break off under heavy foot activity, especially if the grass is stressed, as in rainy weather. Broken grass blades are similar to mowing clippings in that they are clinging and untidy, inevitably getting tracked across your patio and into the house. Under extremely high traffic, artificial turf may get flattened, but the blades stay intact. All is good when a sharp bristle brush is used to clean the surface. No messes, just good beauty.

2. It is built to last.

Artificial turf, on the other hand, does not fall apart in the classic sense. Certainly not the nice stuff — the high-quality items we sell at Paradise Greens. When it comes to duration and coverage, our grass has some of the strongest warranties in the market. With good cause. Quality items last longer and cause fewer difficulties along the way.

One reason they can do so is that different varieties of artificial grass are developed for different types of purposes. Sports fields, dog runs, landscaping lawns, children’s play spaces, backyard putting greens, and bocce ball courts all have slightly different needs. Artificial Grass has a startling selection of artificial grass items.

3. It is put in place to prevent difficulties.

Quality artificial turf is more than just a groundcover; it is a multi-layer system that offers optimal stability and drainage for the “grass” on the surface. That is why skilled installation is critical. Even the best product will fail if the installation is shoddy. In fact, improper installation may void your guarantee.

4. It also helps you hold up better.

Why is this the case? Because if you take a shortcut across your yard while it’s wet, you won’t have to worry about sliding and twisting your ankle when you fall. Alternatively, you may land in a muddy depression. Artificial turf does not get slick like natural grass. This also means that you may send the kids outside to play on the grass even if the weather is iffy. They won’t mind getting wet, and you can rest certain that they’re playing on a safer surface.

So, what’s the problem?

If you haven’t yet made the move to artificial grass, the sooner you contact us to explore your options, the sooner you can reap the benefits — rain or shine.

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