What Should I Do if My Artificial Grass Has Grown Old?

What Should I Do if My Artificial Grass Has Grown Old? | Auzzie Turf

The most important thing you must do after installing artificial grass in your home or garden is to keep it in good condition so that it can last for a long time. Its upkeep is simple and does not require any rocket science.


  • Simply rinse it thoroughly once a week.
  • Dry it thoroughly in direct sunlight to ensure that it is thoroughly cleaned.
  • The dirt and dust can then be removed with a stiff brush.
  • You can even sweep any garbage away with a long-handled brush or broom.

Okay, so we’ve talked about installing and maintaining artificial grass, but what if your artificial grass is too old? What should you do? You’ve already used your turf and don’t want to use it again. But the real question is, what would you do with your Fake Grass Brisbane?

We understand that you adore your artificial grass and do not want to throw it away, but nothing is permanent. You can plan to remove, recycle, replace, and reuse your turf now that you’ve used it for years and decades and are planning some new design turf for your lawn.

Recycling and reusing-

There are a number of municipal and recycling centers that can make your worn-out turf more usable. Then it will be resold at a much lower price, and by recycling it, its life will be extended. Most artificial grass is composed of various plastics, sand, and rubber, and while the plastic can be easily recycled, it is difficult to separate it from the infill components. However, new equipment can successfully remove the sand and rubber, leaving a clean plastic carpet that can be recycled.

Using Your Artificial Grass for Other Purposes

Instead of throwing it away and filling dumping yards, which benefits no one, you can repurpose your artificial grass and put it to good use. After recycling, your old artificial grass can be used for a variety of purposes, including school bags, dog bowls, and even as a topdressing on natural grass. It’s possible that it’s been repurposed and is now being used in a less fortunate area. After the synthetic turf reaches the end of its useful life, the possibilities are endless.

You’ve enjoyed your artificial turf lawn for years, but nothing, not even fake grass, lasts forever. It can last for 10-15 years or more, but even time can wear it down. The signs are:

Finally, infinitesimal fading becomes noticeable.

Seams start fraying and separating.

Mold or stinky bacteria have accumulated, particularly in pet-friendly areas.

High traffic areas appear tired and do not rebound as well after brushing.

If you’re thinking about selling your house soon, now is the time to take a close look at your lawn. Fresh artificial turf has great curb appeal, and the prospect of low maintenance is a big plus.

If your current turf is beginning to show signs of wear, it’s time to move on. So, what comes next?

Don’t just toss your fake grass in the trash!

Nobody wants to clog our landfills with unnecessary waste these days. Fortunately, artificial turf is completely recyclable. This was not always the case, but recyclers can now effectively separate the infill material from the poly-plastics used to make the blades and backing. After cleaning and processing, the turf can be made into anything from tote bags and T-shirts to (ironically) top dressing for natural grass.

Give that grass a new lease on life

Municipalities and organizations may prefer to use less expensive “second-hand” turf that is still in good condition for batting cage mats or other low-impact areas. The turf is cleaned and sanitized before being reinstalled elsewhere for uses like this.

You might want to keep some of it for yourself. There is a mind-boggling variety of creative things you can do with artificial grass – both practical and purely enjoyable, indoors and out. Repurposing your artificial grass for outdoor use complements your other efforts to promote sustainability, such as using recycled and “found” treasures in your landscape.

Post an ad on selling apps. Even if you can’t think of anything to do with your old turf, it could be just what someone else needs to floor their daughter’s new playhouse, outfit their dog’s new outdoor play space , or handle any of the boundless DIY and craft projects for which artificial turf is perfect.

Purchase new artificial grass

Replacing your old lawn, like repainting or replacing the roof, adds value to your home. You can replace your lawn in the exact same configuration, or you can give your yard a facelift by changing the size or shape of your lawn. Artificial turf makes this simple because you don’t have to consider limitations like mowing convenience or dense shade, which are issues with natural grass.

You’ll be amazed at how much fake grass has evolved since you bought your first artificial turf lawn. Synthetic grass is tougher and more durable than ever before, and it’s also prettier and more realistic than ever. It even comes in various shades of green. Wow!

Artificial turf that has been specially designed

That means now is a good time to think about how artificial turf can improve your outdoor space in other ways. Cheap Artificial Grass Brisbane provides artificial turf for children’s play areas, lowering the risk of injury due to falls. For dog owners, we have artificial grass. We also have turf specifically designed for backyard putting greens and bocce ball courts.

Professional eviction

If you do not want to keep your old artificial turf, Artificial Grass Suppliers Brisbane will remove it as part of our new installation service. There’s no muss, no fuss. And you can rest assured that Artificial Grass Installation Brisbane will dispose of it properly. You will have mental peace and very durable brand new artificial turf lawn that could last up to two decades.

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