Amazing Methods to Keep Your Artificial Turf Cool In Summer

The Ultimate Guide to Artificial Turf: Choosing the Right Supplier in Melbourne

Artificial grass is ideal throughout the summer because it is so simple to upkeep and aids keep the majority of dust from your home. It will also conserve water. The same artificial turf in Brisbane also occasionally warms up a little bit more often than your typical grass, in contrast to genuine turf. Walking on them also makes it sometimes difficult for you. In such cases, how can you keep them cool like your authentic turf?

Fortunately, there are several approaches to resolving this. You can keep your artificial turf in Brisbane cool without having much trouble. Here are some introductory recommendations for maintaining your synthetic grass relaxing and cooler on hot days. So, keep reading the editorial to explore those ways.

Pick Synthetic turf made for hot summer

If you haven’t had turf established yet, it is necessary to confer with a specialist before completing an investment. Several artificial turf makers create turf with heat-blocking technology for warmer locations. They are made of unique raw materials with heat management qualities, which reflect sunlight instead of absorbing heat. Additionally, cooler turfs have a lower face weight, which allows them to cool down more quickly or prevents heat from being trapped inside the grass.

Concentrating on grass cultivars with bright or light colours and less weight is usually preferable for hotter conditions. Some synthetic turfs are so expertly made that they provide more cooling benefits than natural grass. So, you should choose to buy one of those, if you haven’t yet.

Water Your Turf by Spraying

Spraying water on established artificial grass is the quickest and simplest way to cool it down. The water will remove dirt and other debris from your grass as it cools it, giving your landscape a vivid and new appearance. The ground beneath the artificial turf will remain damp and chilly for a long time, causing the grass to quickly cool and maintain its coolness.

Surround Your Lawn and artificial turf with plants

No doubt, increasing the number and height of the plants surrounding your turf will keep it cooler. There are primarily two causes for this. First, large vegetation like trees will provide shade so your lawn won’t be exposed to direct sunshine. Second, the plant’s transpiration and photosynthetic processes naturally cool the space around it, which can help maintain a cool environment in your garden.

When you turn on the irrigation to water your plants, the surrounding vegetation will also improve your yard’s appearance and help cool it down.

Protect your turf from the sun

Preventing the grass from heating up in the first place is a terrific approach to keep it cool. This may be possible by planting tall trees around your turf with a dense canopy, or you can buy a garden set with a canopy over your grass. Your turf should remain comfortable and cool if there is still a shadow over the grass.

Purchase Turf Cooling Infill

Choosing the proper infill to keep your artificial turf in Brisbane cooler is crucial. A substance called infill can get inserted into the spaces between grass blades. This infill provides stability, reduces ripples, and can aid with water drainage, in addition to helping keep your lawn leaves erect and in place.


These are rare methods to maintain your synthetic turf cool in summer. If you want the best artificial turf with cooling technology, you can visit Auzzie Turf. It is a reliable platform for offering high-quality turf.

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