Guide to Artificial Turf Installation on Concrete Surfaces

The Ultimate Guide to Artificial Turf: Choosing the Right Supplier in Melbourne

Artificial turf or artificial grass is an interesting tool for transforming a concrete area into a vibrant and appealing space. However, it is important to be careful during the installation of artificial or synthetic turf to ensure the best results. Even the smallest mistakes in the installation of artificial turf in Brisbane can lead to waterlogging or unsightly bumps. If you want to know about the installation of artificial grass, then you need to prepare the surface and follow the best practices. The following post serves as a guide for installing synthetic turf on concrete.

Why Should You Install Artificial Turf?

Before you start your search for best practices to install synthetic grass on concrete surfaces in and around your home, it is important to know the reasons for the same. First of all, you can use artificial turf in Brisbane or any other location as a reliable alternative to actual grass. It makes the area look better and can also protect the underlying concrete from damage due to heavy impact. On top of it, you can pave concrete surfaces with synthetic grass within no time when you have experts for the job.

Best Process for Installing Synthetic Turf

Considering the fact that installing synthetic turf is easier and faster, you must follow the best practices for the process. Here is an outline of the steps you should follow while installing the artificial turf.

  • Grab the Essential Tools

The best thing about service providers for installing artificial turf in Brisbane would be their preparation. Professional synthetic turf installation would require important tools such as a stiff brush, a Stanley knife, artificial grass, and foam underlay. You can begin the installation process only after you have the necessary tools at hand.

  • Prepare the Foundation

You should prepare the foundation of the concrete surface in such a way that the foam underlay would stick to the surface. You cannot afford any remnants of sand, debris or gravel on the concrete surface before installing synthetic grass as it can detach the fake grass. Make sure you drill some holes in the concrete surface at strategic places to drain out water accumulating on the fake turf.

  • The Installation Process

The fake grass installation process demands precision and a keen eye for detail. Pan out the foam underlay and the artificial grass on the surface you want. It can help you find a suitable estimate of the measurements in which you have to cut the foam underlay and the artificial turf. Apply artificial grass adhesive on the edges, which fit perfectly with the concrete surface. Once you have set the foam underlay and artificial grass in place, you need to trim the edges which seem out of place.

Are You Ready to Install Synthetic Turf?

The decision to install artificial turf in Brisbane might seem like an easy one from a distance. However, you need professional artificial grass installation providers such as Auzzie Turf to help you with a proper installation process. Starting from the facility of durable and high-quality artificial grass, Auzzie Turf delivers expert assistance for installation. Make your dull concrete spaces livelier with synthetic grass installation services right now.

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