Modern Design of Stacked stone cladding Melbourne

Modern Design of Stacked stone cladding Melbourne

If you look at the walls of 1990s architecture, you’ll see that they’re basic and uninspiring. They were built of either bricks or cement. However, the times have changed.

Auzzie Turf shares several methods to decorate walls nowadays, and we feel stacked stone cladding Melbourne may be the ideal alternative for you. If you’re attracted by the untamed exterior of stone and have always wanted to bring it into your house, these natural stone walls are all you need.

Natural stone wall covering may provide depth to a room. Even with no effort, the area has a new look and personality.

What Exactly Is Stone Cladding?

Stone cladding refers to a decorative covering for walls made of natural stones. It may be applied to cement, steel, or concrete walls. Cladding can be made from premium stones such as granite, limestone, travertine, sandstone, and slate. They offer any space a natural, rustic look while also providing a distinct and traditional style. It may enhance the atmosphere and make the space feel cosier.

Design 1: Clad the external façade of your home.

When updating a home’s outer façade, using a larger cut stone in a range of hues is guaranteed to catch the eye of passers-by. Granite is an excellent choice for external wall cladding because, unlike other porous natural stones, it can endure dampness.

Even when coupled with exposed brick, it may create a stunning facade. The warm, neutral stone shows through with subtle black, grey, or red tones, making it perfect for grouted or dry-stacked applications.

Design 2: Use interior cladding as a decorative feature.

Wall cladding may also be employed as a decorative feature in the home. Travertine is ideal for interior stone feature walls if utilised solely on a single area to avoid dominating the room with its dark tones. Slate, a light-coloured stone, may also be used to cover large regions or many walls.

Depending on how it is treated and what colour it is, the stone may seem rustic or contemporary. When coupled with wood or plants, it lends a natural touch to the inside of the home, as shown in this wonderful design.

Design 3: Redefine your Balcony, terrace, and patio with Stacked sone cladding

Wall cladding works effectively in outdoor settings, especially those with defined grilling areas. When utilising stone for outdoor walls, such as Stacked Stone Wall Cladding in Midnight Black or Alpine Blue Stacked Stone Walling, as seen in this gorgeous terrace design, choosing a dark shade combines the area’s usefulness and beauty.

Because of their rough look and textured presence, these stone wall cladding solutions are suitable components for residential, landscape, commercial designs, and structures alike.

Design 4: Use cladding to create room separators.

Although it is ideal for a country-style home, stone wall cladding may also be utilised to partition internal rooms in modern apartments. The combination of light-toned stone, wood, and neutral earthy tones adds a lot of charm to the property. A freestanding stone wall can define a place without enclosing it.

This arrangement is perfect for visually dividing a living area from a dining room or a home office from a bedroom. The stone wall cladding can be created to mix in with the existing furniture and style of the space, or it can stand out and provide visual interest.

Design 5: Kitchen Cladding

It is still feasible to make a lasting impact in a space by employing stone wall cladding as the only ornamental component. Because they may be coupled with many hues of wood, concrete, and other natural stones, they are an excellent complement to the kitchen or BBQ areas. Because it is easy to maintain, stone cladding is a practical alternative to kitchen tiles. It merely has to be cleaned on a regular basis using a moist cloth or sponge. It is an ideal kitchen material since it is strong and can withstand heat, wetness, and heavy use.

Design 6: Dining Room Cladding

Create a view in a dining room to generate a unique look in a location that does not have one. The cladding on the stone wall serves as a backdrop for ornamental objects and potted plants. Stone wall cladding can assist to boost the insulation of the eating area by reducing heat loss in the winter and keeping the coolness of the space in the summer. Because it comes in a variety of colours, textures, and patterns, it may be personalised to complement the current décor and style of the dining room. The end result is a great eating view.

A Classic Addition to Your Home

Stone wall cladding is one of the most cost-effective methods to alter the appearance of a space. We are one of Australia’s top suppliers of natural stones. We think that natural stones are low-carbon construction materials, thus we employ eco-friendly practices that serve to mitigate any negative environmental effect.

When using wall-cladding tiles, it might be challenging to select the right colour and texture to fit the home’s design style. We at Auzzie Turf provide stone wall cladding in a range of styles, including Free Style, Stacked Stone, Dry Stone, and Traditional. Connect with our representative at or you can call us at 0451 924 454 and 0433 171 007.

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