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While there are many applications for garden pebbles in construction, most builders opt to employ premium pebbles for their most exquisite residential projects. These stones were especially picked out because of their exceptional durability and beauty.

Garden Pebbles available in Auzzie Turf come in a variety of colours, sizes and shapes and are usually offered in kilogram sacks. When you work with garden pebbles in Sunshine Coast, the final product will have a consistent hue and size. The colours, sizes, and variations of pebbles that we offer provides a unique landscaping experience to home owners, educational institutions and commercial buildings.

Auzzie Turf offers garden pebbles that can be used for both exterior and interior applications. These are just a handful of the ways that using imported pebbles externally can contribute to the creation of an amazing and unforgettable landscape.

Garden pebbles are not only used for to beautify the landscape, but they also provide different functions and support landscaping in different ways. Here we have discussed some of the best pros of using garden pebbles in Sunshine Coast.


When designing their landscaping, a lot of homeowners need to consider drainage. Even while it doesn’t happen often in some areas of the nation, when it does, it usually pours severely. This means that a well-thought-out landscaping design must quickly drain enormous amounts of water. Drainage ditches are frequently necessary. Why not add some stone pebbles for health and beauty to these essential features?

Accent elements

The majority of stone pebbles are pre-sorted by hue when they are sold, so you can easily customize the final look. Use slate-grey stones to create a natural look, or install something more striking, such a stark white or black pebble bed. A modest quantity of stone goes a long way towards livening up your yard, and pebbles are a terrific way to distinguish different portions of your landscaping.


Mulch installation has grown in popularity recently. A top layer of stone pebbles is a great addition to any long-term mulching bed. A mulching bed with pebbles on top will trap rainwater and help the soil hold on to its essential nutrients, like nitrogen. Keep in mind that adding black stone pebbles to mulching beds tends to raise the temperature; when surrounding sensitive plants, choose lighter colours.


If you reside in a place where the high cost of water makes traditional landscaping impractical, you might want to think about creating a xeriscape yard. The skill of xeriscaping involves designing a yard with drought-tolerant, hardy plants. Decorative stone, such as pebbles, is a key component of this design. Although the upfront cost of this type of landscaping is higher when paying for imported stone pebbles, the low maintenance required over time makes it a very appealing choice.

Mosaics for decoration

If you want to let your creative side run wild, vibrant stone fragments are the ideal starting point for creating your own mosaics. These might be key components of a paving design or accent pieces that appear anywhere in your yard. You can make striking and exquisite shapes and patterns by adjusting the size and colour of individual stones. The only true limit to the possibilities is your imagination.


Paving made of stone pebbles is ideal. Pebbles can be used in conjunction with other materials to produce a more appealing and long-lasting paving solution, or they can be used alone to define a low-traffic path. Pebbles can be laid in mortar or used loose, depending on how much traffic you anticipate. Pebbles that have been sealed and mortared can even be used as a distinctive driveway surface.

Final thought

Auzzie Turf offers diverse range of garden pebbles in Sunshine Coast. You can find black pebbles, white pebbles and even glow pebbles that can be used in different purpose. Right from decorating the fountains to making a mosaics, garden pebbles hold a significant important to the landscaping. Connect with our correspondence at +61 451 924 454 to explore more about garden pebbles.

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