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40mm Premium Artificial Grass

Upgrade your balcony, patio, or play area with the luxurious feel of 40mm premium artificial grass. These dense blades offer a realistic look and comfortable softness, perfect for bare feet and playtime.

Unlike natural lawns, this artificial turf requires no mowing, watering, or fertilizers. Enjoy a low-maintenance, evergreen space that’s resistant to fading, heat, and wear.  Easy to clean and install, it’s the perfect way to bring a touch of nature to any area.

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Upgrade to 40mm Premium Artificial Grass!

This lush 40mm pile feels great underfoot, creating a cool, inviting space for patios, balconies, or play areas. Forget mowing, weeding, or watering – artificial grass offers a low-maintenance escape that’s always green, rain or shine. Durable and fade-resistant, it withstands active use and harsh weather. Enjoy a pet-friendly haven without muddy paws or patchy grass.  Simple to install and clean, 40mm premium artificial grass is your shortcut to year-round outdoor pleasure.

Pile Height
SpecificationAuzzie Premium Lush Green
Pile Height40mm
DensityPP + PE
Yarn‘C’ Shape
Color4 Tone Green & Curly Brown & Green
Roll Widths2m , 3m, 3.6m , 4m
Stitch Rate210 / Meter
Roll Length26m
Backing3 Layers PP + Leno coating + SBR Latex
Backing ColourGreen
UV StabiliseYes
Manufacturer’s Warranty*10 Years

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Benefits of Artificial Grass Premium Lush Green

Premium Lush Green is a type of artificial turf that offers many benefits for homeowners and businesses. Here are some of the key benefits of choosing it:
Enhanced Durability

The 40mm Artificial Grass Brisbane from Auzzie Turf that comes about from Brisbane is designed to be of course with the best materials that give it a lot of firmness. The extensive airport traffic, sun radiation, and critical weather conditions, the massive green lawn is not affected.

No Maintenance

Take pleasure in gazing at a green oasis, without the need to do any work. Thorough maintenance will never be a problem with artificial grass fields due to the fact they require minimum maintenance. Forget about the mower, the hose, and the chemicals, it's time to say hello to lawn maintenance!

No water bills

Choose the option of Australian Turf's synthetic grass and lead to environmental sustainability. By irrigating once a year, we will save the thousands of litres of water that are needed to grow certain plants and this is very important in the dry weather regions like Brisbane.


The change from conventional grass to synthetic one becomes especially vital for people with allergies. 40mm Artificial Grass Brisbane won't allow pollen, mould and other allergens to derive so nurturing a positive, all for the environment, outdoors for people with any allergy is not a problem anymore.


Now you won’t need to scrub mud off paws or worry about grass patches changing color any more. It offers the best of all worlds for pets as its turf is pet-friendly with excellent sewage drainage and easy cleaning, thus providing a safe and clean environment for your pets.

Year-Round Beauty

On the contrary, Auzzie Turf's synthetic grass can retain its green colour even if it is hot or even freezing which doesn't happen with natural grass that will just turn brown or dormant in such weather. This guarantees you your lawn's lush appeal, no matter the season.


The initial purchasing cost is higher, even though, over time, Auzzie Turf's synthetic grass is shown to be a more cost-effective option. Save on water bills and expenses summed up in the acquisition and maintenance of lawn-care equipment, thus making turf ponchos affordable over their lifespan.

Different variants

If it is for residential or commercial applications, 40mm Artificial Premium Grass Melbourne is capable of providing specialized features to accommodate the needs of any available space or design scheme. Whether it's rear gardens or rooftops, people always prefer the 40mm grass option of ours.

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Darryn Jockers
Darryn Jockers
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I have been buying my grass from here for years for different applications in our small town. Great, friendly service, excellent product, good pricing- and it still looks like new even after the test of seasons in the hot Mallee sun.
James NG
James NG
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Great product range and friendly staff, reasonable price, on time delivery, highly recommended
Emily Slack
Emily Slack
Read More
Fantastic service. They were really friendly and helpful. Great prices and delivery was that day. Highly recommend.
Ana Vee
Ana Vee
Read More
So impressed with Auzzie turf. The grass is amazing quality and at a good price. Very easy to deal with and delivery was quick and prompt. Thanks so much, we're so happy with everything!
Read More
The best quality artificial turf I found in Melbourne. Good price, High density with nice colour. I highly recommend 'Auzzie Turf'
Isabella Gentilin
Isabella Gentilin
Read More
Great quality grass. Thank you
Premium Lush Green

Green Ideas for Every Space

Transform your surroundings with the versatility of 40mm artificial premium grass! Breathe life into balconies and patios, creating a lush retreat for relaxation. Liven up rooftops with a vibrant green escape, perfect for entertaining or unwinding.

This low-maintenance turf is ideal for pet areas, providing a safe play space that’s easy to clean. In kindergartens and playgrounds, it offers a soft, durable surface for children’s adventures.  Even indoor applications benefit – use it as a stylish playmat or add a touch of nature to sunrooms and basements.  40mm premium artificial grass – endless possibilities for a touch of green anywhere.

Premium Supplier of 40mm Artificial grass

Let the Auzzie Turf Artificial Grass in 40mm create your very own green space right back in your private piece of paradise. Highly realistic and durable, our synthetic grass is made for the ideal quality you want in your backyard. This high quality imitates the lifelike look of grass that’s beautiful all year long. Forget about the annoyance of not wearing gloves while mowing, watering, and weeding, as our low-maintenance approach needs little attention, thus saving you time and money. 

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Premium Lush Green

Artificial Grass Premium Lush Green FAQs

How tall is the pile, of 40mm Artificial Grass Brisbane?

Pile height is around 40mm which produces a full picture and comfortable walk on bare feet, which is suitable for many places.

What are the effects of artificial grass on the environment?

Our artificial turf is engineered to survive the extremities of Brisbane’s climate, making it durable and capable of performing even in the toughest of seasons.

Does it require professional guidance for installation?

Yes, we recommend hiring professionals as they are best fitted to make sure seamless stepping and high-quality functioning are attained.

Is the artificial grass ideal for residential areas?

Our 40 mm Artificial Turf Brisbane is the best choice for home gardens as it is low-maintenance and attractive and provides a wonderful replacement for natural turf.

Does the artificial lawn meet all the landscaping requirements?

Of course, our artificial grass can be designed to fit standard or contoured sizes creating a bespoke touch to your landscape panels

How do my pets play in artificial grass?

The artificial grass is pet-friendly and it is been constructed to endure pet activities without damage but is rather easy to maintain.

Is artificial grass resistant to UV rays?

We are based on the latest technology of colour retention as we apply UV stabilization to our artificial grass and hence it attracts less fading and looks vibrant even if kept long under the sun.

Does the fake grass need frequent cleaning and maintenance?

Only a little maintenance is required, just some brushing and rinsing here and there, so the grass can maintain its vibrant green colour.

Is the turf protected by the warranty?

Yes, our grass comes with a warranty period, allowing our clients to keep calm and feel secure since no doubt is considered when the quality and durability of our product are guaranteed.

Does the synthetic grass need pesticides?

Yes, the artificial grass which we offer is not harming the environment because it does not absorb or consume water, no mower switches on, nor pesticides are applied and thus contributes to water conservation as well as lowering carbon footprint.

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