Artificial Grass for Playground

Creating a safe and engaging playground environment is crucial. Natural grass can be a challenge tomaintain and keep safe, which is why many schools are now turning to artificial grass. With its soft andcushioned surface, artificial grass provides a comfortable and safe area for children to play on, reducingthe risk of injuries due to falls. Additionally, artificial grass requires minimal maintenance, which is amajor advantage for schools looking to save time and money on upkeep. Beyond these practical benefits,the vibrant colours and realistic texture of artificial grass can help to create a fun and invitingenvironment that encourages children to explore and play. Overall, artificialgrass is a versatile andpractical solution for schools and educational institutions seeking to create a safe and engaging play areafor children.


Benefits artificial grass for playgrounds

Consistency :Dogs and other pets are known to dig and chew on natural grass,causing damage to lawns and creating unsightly holes. Artificial grass is designedto be durableand resistant to digging and chewing, providing a long-lasting and low-maintenance solution for pet owners.

No pesticides or chemicals: Many traditional lawn care products contain harmful chemicals and pesticides that can be dangerous to pets if ingested or absorbed through their paws

No mud or dirt: Traditional grass can become muddy and messy, especially after rain or snow.This can make it difficult to keep pets clean and can create a mess inside the home. Artificialgrass provides a clean and dry surface for pets to play on, reducing the amount of mud and dirttracked into the home

Easy to clean: It can be easily hosed down or cleaned with pet-friendly disinfectant, helping toeliminate odours and reduce the risk of bacterial buildup.

All-season use:Unlike natural grass, artificial grass can be used year round, providing a safe and comfortable surface for pets to play on in any weather conditions. Whether it’s hot and dry or cold and snowy, pets can enjoy the benefits of a lush and green outdoor space.


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Yes, artificial grass is safe for children to play on. It provides a soft and cushioned surface that minimisesthe risk of injuries due to falls, and it is free from sharp objects such as rocks and sticks that can causeharm.

Artificial grass is generally more expensive to install than natural grass, but it requires minimalmaintenance, which can save schools and educational institutions money in the long run.

Yes, artificial grass can be used in all weather conditions. Unlike natural grass, which can become muddyand slippery during wet weather, artificial grass provides a safe and reliable surface for children to playon throughout the year.

With appropriate maintenance, synthetic turf can endure for approximately 15 years. However, thislifespan may vary based on the quality of the grass and the frequency of its use

Yes, artificial grass can be recycled. Some manufacturers offer recycling programs for old artificial grass,which can be shredded and used as infill for new installations.