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We at Auzzie Turf have been landed with a wide selection of fake turfs, which has been widely preferred by the people in Melbourne. It works well in a range of areas and makes the surroundings cool and pleasant. We are dealing with a plethora of clients where they can avail the best and cheap fake turf in Melbourne with great customer support.

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Fake Turf Melbourne

Transform your Melbourne space with vibrant, low-maintenance fake turf. Our synthetic grass brings lush greenery to urban landscapes, rooftops, and backyard sanctuaries alike, without the hassle of watering or mowing. Crafted for durability, it withstands Australia’s harsh climate, remaining evergreen year-round. Our range offers options tailored to your aesthetic and practical needs, ensuring a flawless fit for any project. Now you don’t need to upkeep for a perpetually green oasis with our fake turf solutions in Melbourne. 

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No Mowing, No Watering, No Maintenance Lush & Green Forever.

Benefits of Fake Turf Melbourne

Customize your lawn

Auzzie Turf isn't just about fake turf; it's about creating your dream outdoor space. They offer a diverse range of artificial grass varieties, allowing you to customize your lawn's look and feel. From lush, deep-pile putting greens to vibrant, child-friendly play areas, find the perfect turf to match your vision and lifestyle.

Beyond the Grass

Your landscaping needs go beyond just cheap fake turf. Auzzie Turf understands this, offering a comprehensive selection of complementary landscaping products. Find everything from edging materials and drainage solutions to decorative stones and fire pits, all in one convenient location. Create a cohesive and stunning outdoor space with ease.

Installation Expertise

A beautiful fake lawn starts with a proper foundation. Auzzie Turf doesn't just sell turf; they offer expert installation services. Their experienced team ensures your artificial grass is laid flawlessly, guaranteeing optimal drainage, longevity, and a picture-perfect finish for your new outdoor haven.

Built to Last

Melbourne's harsh sun can fade even the best real lawns. Auzzie Turf's artificial grass utilizes UV-stabilized materials, ensuring vibrant green persists season after after season. Their high-quality turf resists fading, matting, and wear and tear, providing lasting beauty for years to come.

Backyard Playground

Turn your backyard into a haven for family fun! Auzzie Turf's artificial grass offers a safe and comfortable surface for children to play on. Free from allergens, prickly weeds, and potential pests often found in real lawns, it creates a worry-free environment for playtime.

Barbecue safe

Hosting a barbecue? Backyard pool party? Auzzie Turf's artificial grass provides a pristine and inviting space for entertaining. No more muddy patches or dead grass ruining the ambiance. Your guests will be impressed by the low-maintenance beauty of your outdoor oasis.

Peace of Mind with Warranties

Investing in quality artificial grass is important. Auzzie Turf offers peace of mind with comprehensive warranties on both their products and installation services. Enjoy the security of knowing your investment is protected, should any unforeseen issues arise.

Local Expertise, Global Knowledge

Auzzie Turf is a Melbourne-based company, understanding the unique needs of local landscapes. However, they leverage their global network to source the highest quality artificial grass products at competitive prices. This winning combination ensures you get the best value without compromising on quality.

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Darryn Jockers
Darryn Jockers
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I have been buying my grass from here for years for different applications in our small town. Great, friendly service, excellent product, good pricing- and it still looks like new even after the test of seasons in the hot Mallee sun.
James NG
James NG
Read More
Great product range and friendly staff, reasonable price, on time delivery, highly recommended
Emily Slack
Emily Slack
Read More
Fantastic service. They were really friendly and helpful. Great prices and delivery was that day. Highly recommend.
Ana Vee
Ana Vee
Read More
So impressed with Auzzie turf. The grass is amazing quality and at a good price. Very easy to deal with and delivery was quick and prompt. Thanks so much, we're so happy with everything!
Read More
The best quality artificial turf I found in Melbourne. Good price, High density with nice colour. I highly recommend 'Auzzie Turf'
Isabella Gentilin
Isabella Gentilin
Read More
Great quality grass. Thank you
Why choose Auzzie Turf?

Fake Turf Supplier Melbourne

We are the well known and top-notch fake turf Melbourne supplier created a unique identity with premium quality services. Among a wide gamut of dealers and wholesalers, people considered us as their first choice. We assure you that the services at Auzzie Turf will never disappoint the clients in any case. Our main intension is to serve the quality products at a reduced fake turf cost, which might be a reason to stand out from our competitors.

Fake Turf Application

There is no endpoint and restrictions for installing the fake turf Melbourne. It has the nature of making the surroundings cool and elegant. Bringing natural beauty is quite possible only at this fake grass that might be feeling pleasant and aesthetic. It gains high popularity among the Melbourne city people, where they started to install at playgrounds for kids’ safety, garden, firms, and wise versa. The fake grass can perfectly fit for all kinds of areas and reduces the cost of renovation than you suspect.
Application of artificial grass
Benefits of artificial grass Lara

Why you should invest in Fake Turf Melbourne?

Are you craving a lush, green haven without the hassle?  Look no further than Auzzie Turf, Melbourne’s leading supplier of premium artificial grass.  Imagine weekends free from mowing, watering restrictions a distant memory, and a picture-perfect lawn all year round.  Auzzie Turf’s pet-friendly and child-safe turf offers a durable, low-maintenance solution.  

Now there are no muddy paw prints, dead patches, and endless weeding.  Your kids can play freely on a soft, cushioned surface, while you enjoy a beautiful outdoor space that enhances your curb appeal and property value.  This eco-friendly alternative saves water and reduces your environmental footprint.  With minimal upkeep and a long lifespan, Auzzie Turf’s artificial grass is a smart investment for a vibrant, hassle-free Melbourne backyard.

Fake Turf Melbourne FAQs

Is your Fake Turf UV Resistant?

Yes, our Fake Turf is UV resistant, ensuring long-lasting color retention and durability under sunlight exposure.

Does your Fake Turf Emit Toxic Vapour When it Heats Up?

No, our Fake Turf does not emit toxic vapor when heated, providing a safe and healthy outdoor environment.

Is your Fake Turf Suitable for the Australian Climate?

Absolutely, our Fake Turf is designed to withstand the Australian climate, offering resilience against heat, humidity, and UV radiation.

How Does your fake turf Compare With Others?

Our fake turf excels in quality, durability, and aesthetics compared to others, providing superior performance and visual appeal.

Do you Install to Manufacturer’s Specifications?

Yes, we install Fake Turf according to manufacturer specifications, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of the product.

How is the Fake Turf Installed?

Our professional team installs Fake Turf using industry-standard techniques, ensuring proper surface preparation and secure fixing.

What if I Need to Access Pipes or Cables Under the Grass?

We provide access points or removable sections in the Fake Turf for easy access to pipes or cables underneath.

What is the Width of your Rolls?

Our rolls come in various widths to accommodate different installation needs and space requirements.

Is your Fake Turf Covered by a Warranty?

Yes, our Fake Turf is covered by a comprehensive warranty, providing peace of mind and assurance of quality.

How much does the fake turf cost?

The fake turf cost varies depending on factors such as product quality, area size, and installation requirements. Please contact us for a personalized quote.
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