Artificial Grass Brighton


As a leading provider of top-quality Silica Sand Infill, we take pride in offering meticulously designed andblended sands that enhance athletic performance on artificial turf surfaces. Our commitment to excellence andcustomer satisfaction isevident in our recent interaction with a respected turf facility in Brighton.

The turf facility reached out to us with a specific request for 5 bags, each weighing 20kg, of our high-gradeSilica Sand Infill. Recognizing the urgency and importance of theirrequirements, we swiftly responded to theirneeds, ensuring that the order was promptly fulfilled.

Upon completion of the work, our dedicated team received a phone call from the turf facility, expressing theirgratitude for our swift response and impeccable service.

Inspired by our exceptional service, the client later approached us with an additional request. They sought our45mm Premium Lush Green Artificial Turf for their expansive area measuring 22.56m x 3.05m. Thissubsequent engagement serves as a testament to their satisfaction with our products and confidence in ourability to deliver superior solutions.

Our Silica Sand Infill and Premium Lush Green Artificial Turf continue to garner praise for their durability,performance, and aesthetic appeal, positioning us as a trusted partner in the artificial turf industry.

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