Artificial Grass Carrum


Carrum, a picturesque coastal suburb in Melbourne, Australia, is renowned for its stunning natural beauty.One of our homeowner clients envisioned a vibrant and low-maintenance lawn area for his backyard. Shewas an enthusiastic homeowner whodesired a lush green lawn but faced challenges due to the region’ssandy soil and limited water availability. Seeking an alternative to natural grass, she reached out to ourcompany for a solution that would offer beauty and durability while requiring minimal upkeep. Werecommended the installation of 45mm Premium Lush Green Artificial Grass.

To fulfil her vision, we carefully measured the backyard area, which spanned 76 square meters. Takinginto account any unique features and obstacles, we calculated theprecise amount of artificial grass neededfor a seamless installation.

If you’re seeking a similar transformation for your outdoor space in Carrum or elsewhere, contact ourteam to explore how artificial grass can provide an attractive and low-maintenancesolution.