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Artificial Grass Cheltenham


Recently, one of clients were passionate about creating a serene and inviting garden area butwere challenged by the demanding upkeep of natural grass. They contacted us for a solution thatwould offer the beauty of a pristine lawn without thehassles of mowing, watering, andmaintenance.

Our team visited their property to assess the backyard’s dimensions and understand theirpreferences. After considering their requirements, we recommended the installation of 40mmPremium Lush Green ArtificialGrass to create a vibrant and natural-looking lawn. Additionally,we proposed incorporating White Garden Pebbles to add texture and visual interest to specificareas.

To commence the project, we carefully measured the backyard area, which spanned 50 squaremeters. This allowed us to determine the precise quantities of artificial grass and pebbles neededfor a seamless installation.

Its natural appearance added vibrancy to the space and provided an inviting area for outdooractivities and relaxation. The addition of White Garden Pebbles further enhanced the landscape,introducing texture and a touch of elegance.

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