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Artificial Grass Diggers Rest


In the charming suburb of Diggers Rest, we embarked on an exciting project to revamp a children’s playarea in a local daycare centre. The existing natural grass had suffered wear and tear from toys andconstant footfall, prompting the need for a resilient and low-maintenance solution. The daycare centrereached out to us for assistance, and we were thrilled to lend our expertise.

Uponvisiting the daycare centre, we carefully measured the area and assessed the specific requirements.Recognizing the importance of providing a safe, vibrant, and durable surface for the little ones to play on,we recommended the installation of 45mm PremiumLush Green Artificial Grass. This innovative andhigh-quality artificial grass offered a realistic appearance, soft texture, and exceptional resilience, makingit the perfect choice for a child-friendly play area.

The daycare center was overjoyed with thefinal outcome, expressing their gratitude for the enhanced playarea that now provided a safe and visually appealing environment for the children to explore, play, andlearn.