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Artificial Grass Donvale


Located in the charming suburb of Donvale, we had the pleasure of assisting a client in creating acaptivating residential space. Their goal was to design a tranquil and inviting outdoor area that wouldseamlessly blend with the natural surroundings. With our expertise and high-quality products,we wereable to bring their vision to life.

To enhance the landscape, we recommended the use of Silica Sand, fine-grained sand that not only addeda visually pleasing element but also created a soft and comfortable surface. The client was thrilled withthe choice, as it provided a safe and enjoyable space for outdoor activities and relaxation.

Additionally, they desired a lush green lawn that required minimal maintenance. Our 40mm PremiumLush Green Artificial Grass perfectly met their needs, bringing a vibrant and natural look to their outdoorspace. The client was delighted with the final result, as their Donvale residential area transformed into aserene retreat where they could unwind and appreciate the beauty of nature in the comfort of their ownhome.