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Wallan, a charming suburb located on the northern outskirts of Melbourne, offers a peaceful and family-friendly environment for residents and visitors. With its tranquil surroundings and close-knit community,Wallan provides an ideal setting for a child’splay area within a pre-school space. In this nurturing suburb,we had the privilege of assisting a pre-school in creating an enchanting play area for their young learners.

ur recommendation included the installation of 40mm Classic Green Artificial Grass,carefully selectedfor its softness and durability, providing a safe and vibrant surface for children to frolic and engage inimaginative play. To add a touch of visual appeal and sensory experience, we suggested incorporatingBlack Garden Polished Pebbles, offering a striking contrast against the lush green grass and creating avisually stimulating environment for the children.

The client was thrilled with the choices, as it transformed their outdoor space into a captivating andinviting play area, fostering creativity and exploration. Wallan’s serene atmosphere and family-orientedcommunity made it an ideal location for this remarkable installation, providing a joyful and engagingspace for children to learn, socialize, and make cherished memories withintheir pre-school in Wallan.

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