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Artificial Grass Flemington


Flemington, a bustling suburb in Melbourne, is known for its vibrant community and dedication tofamily-centric services. Within this lively neighbourhood, we had the privilege of assisting a paediatricianin creating a captivating play area within their indoor space. Flemington’s commitment to providingexceptional healthcare services for children inspired us to recommend the installation of 40mm NaturalGreen Artificial Grass, carefully chosen for its realistic appearance and soft texture, creating a safe andinviting surface for children to play and explore.

Additionally, we suggested incorporating WPC Cladding, a versatile and durable material that would adda touch of sophistication to the play area, while also ensuring a clean and hygienic environment. Ourpaediatrician client was thrilled with the choices, as it transformed their indoor space into a vibrant andengaging play area that would captivate young patients and create a comforting atmosphere.Flemington’sbustling community and commitment to children’s well-being made it an ideal location for thisremarkable installation, allowing the paediatrician to offer a delightful and child-friendly environmentwithin their practice in Flemington.