Artificial Grass Frankston


Frankston, a picturesque suburb located in Victoria, served as the backdrop for a recent renovation projectwhere we had the privilege of assisting a client in transforming their outdoor space. Our recommendationsinvolved the installation ofWPC Decking, a premium composite material known for its durability andaesthetic appeal. This decking solution added a touch of sophistication and functionality to the client’s outdoorarea, providing a beautiful and versatile space for relaxation and outdoor gatherings.

To complement the WPC Decking, we also supplied the client with 40mm Classic Green Artificial Grass. Thishigh-quality artificial grass perfectly replicated the appearance and texture of natural grass, creating a lush andinviting landscape. The low-maintenance nature of the artificial grass made it an ideal choice for the client,offering them a visually appealing and hassle-free outdoor area that can be enjoyed year-round.

The combination of WPC Decking and the 40mm Classic Green Artificial Grass brought a remarkabletransformation to the client’s property in Frankston. The WPC Decking provided a sturdy and stylish surfacefor outdoor furniture and activities, while the artificial grass added a touch of natural beauty and softness to thelandscape. This renovation not only enhanced the overall aesthetic appeal of the outdoor space but also createda low-maintenance haven where the client can relax and enjoy the beauty of their Frankston property.

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