Artificial Grass Heatherdale


Let’s dive into an intriguing case study that showcases the transformation of a verandah inHeatherdale suburb using our exceptional products. Our client desired a modern and low-maintenance outdoor space and sought our expertise forguidance. After careful evaluation, werecommended the use of Black Garden Pebbles and our 40mm Natural green artificial Grass.The Black Garden Pebbles added a touch of elegance and sophistication to the verandah,creating a sleek and contemporary aesthetic. To provide a hassle-free and lush green backdrop,we suggested the installation of our 40mm Natural green artificial Grass. The client was thrilledwith the outcome as their verandah underwent a remarkable metamorphosis. The combinationof the Black Garden Pebbles and the natural green artificial grass created a visually stunningand low-maintenance space. Our expert recommendations and the utilization of high-qualityproducts ensured that the client’s vision of a modern and hassle-free verandah in Heatherdalesuburb became a reality.

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