Artificial Grass Ivanhoe

sport turf

We recently received a request from a valued client in Ivanhoe who desired a completetransformation of their restaurant waiting lounge. To meet their specifications, they envisioned aharmonious blend of Bamboo panels, complemented by theaddition of 40mm Natural GrassArtificial Grass, all accentuated by the presence of stylish black garden pebbles.

The client’s vision was to create an inviting and refreshing atmosphere in their waiting lounge,and they believed that the fusion of Bamboo panels and the lush texture of 40mm Natural GrassArtificial Grass would achieve this desired effect. By integrating these natural elements, theyaimed to bring a touch of tranquility and aesthetic appeal to the space, evoking a sense ofserenity for theirguests.

To add a touch of elegance and further enhance the overall ambiance, the inclusion of blackgarden pebbles was proposed. These pebbles would not only provide a striking contrast againstthe vibrant green hues of the artificial grass but would alsoadd a contemporary and polishedlook to the lounge area.

By combining these elements, the client aimed to revamp their restaurant waiting lounge into avisually stunning and welcoming space. The combination of Bamboo panels, 40mm NaturalGrass Artificial Grass, and black garden pebbles would not only create a serene atmosphere butalso offer a unique and captivating experience for their guests.

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