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Artificial Grass Mount Waverley


Amidst the picturesque landscapes of the Mount Waverley suburb, we had the opportunity to collaborateon an exciting project for a beautiful compound. Spanning an expansive area of 5000 square feet, thecompound was in need of a vibrant andlow-maintenance green space. To meet this requirement, wesupplied and installed 45mm Premium Lush Green Artificial Grass, providing a stunning and practicalsolution.

The compound, nestled in the heart of Mount Waverley, was a place where residents sought solace andrelaxation. By providing 45mm Premium Lush Green Artificial Grass, we transformed the space into acaptivating sanctuary where residents could bask in the beauty of nature without the hassles ofmaintenance. The compound now offers a visuallystunning and durable green space, bringing joy andtranquillity to its residents.