Artificial Grass Preston

Artificial Grass Burwood

Within this vibrant neighbourhood of Preston, we had the exciting opportunity to revamp a paediatrician’splay area and waiting area, intending to create a serene and engaging environment for young patients andtheir families. By carefully selecting the right elements, our goal was to transform the indoor space into awelcoming oasis that would soothe and entertain children while providing a sense of comfort for anxiousparents.

To enhance the play area, we recommended the installation of 40mm Premium Lush Green ArtificialGrass. This premium quality artificial grass not only replicates the look and feel of natural grass but alsoprovides a soft and safe surface for children to play on.

To revitalize the waiting area, we proposed the addition of Bamboo Panels. These panels not onlyintroduce an element of natural beauty but also create a calming ambience. Bamboo, known for itsresilience and elegance, offers a soothing aesthetic that can alleviate anxiety and promote a sense oftranquillity among both children and adults. By incorporating Bamboo Panels into the waiting area, weaimed to provide a peaceful atmosphere for families during their time spent in the paediatrician’s office.

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