Artificial Grass Surrey Hills


Surrey Hills, a vibrant suburb in Sydney, was the setting for a recent renovation project wherewe had the opportunity to assist a client in transforming their property. Our recommendationsincluded the installation of WPC Cladding, ahigh-quality composite material known for itsdurability and aesthetic appeal. This cladding solution added a touch of sophistication andmodernity to the exterior of the house, creating an attractive facade that seamlessly integratedwith the surroundingarchitecture.

To further enhance the outdoor space, we also supplied the client with 40mm Classic GreenArtificial Grass. This premium artificial grass offered a lush and vibrant surface that perfectlyemulated the appearance and texture of natural grass.The low-maintenance nature of theartificial grass made it an ideal choice for the client, providing them with a visually pleasing andhassle-free outdoor area that can be enjoyed throughout the year.

The combination of WPC Cladding and the 40mm Classic Green Artificial Grass transformedthe client’s property in Surrey Hills into a visually stunning and functional space. The WPCCladding added a touch of elegance to the exterior, while the artificial grass provided a soft andvibrant landscape. This renovation not only enhanced the overall aesthetic appeal of the housebut also created a low-maintenance outdoor area that the client can enjoy for years to come.

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