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Artificial Grass Tallarook


In the tranquil Tallarooksuburb, we embarked on a delightful project to transform a home’s indoor littlegarden space into a serene oasis of greenery. Spanning an area of 200 square feet, this charming sanctuarywas located near a large skylight, allowing an abundance of naturallight to fill the space. To create aharmonious blend of nature-inspired elements, we supplied and installed Bamboo panels and 45mmPremium Lush Green Artificial Grass. The Bamboo panels added an elegant touch, exuding a sense ofcalm and sophistication, while the lifelike texture and vibrant green hues of the artificial grass provided alush and inviting foundation. Together, the Bamboo panels and Premium Lush Green Artificial Grasstransformed this indoor little garden space in Tallarook into a captivating haven, where homeowners canunwind, reconnect with nature, and find solace in the tranquil beauty of their surroundings.